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The Point Chevalier Homestead is a community facility owned and operated by the Homestead Community Church (Point Chevalier Co-operating Parish).
The 2015 building has been purposely designed to suit the needs of the community, with meeting rooms of different sizes, a graded kitchen and an ‘Op Shop.’

The Old Homestead, also known as Ridgemont, had its beginnings in the 1880s when two old cottages were joined to provide an enlarged home for the farm property. In addition to its use as a homestead, it served at one time as a school. In later times, the Hankin Estate (its formal title), was administered by the Public Trust and for a number of years was vacant – prey for itinerants and gangs.


In 1974 a 5 year lease was granted to the Pt.Chevalier Church of Christ and after complete renovation the Old Homestead was opened as a Community House. Since that time it has continued to develop in response to the interest of the community and now receives over 20,000 visits each year.

Because of the obvious success over the initial 5 year period, the Pt Chevalier Co-operating parish purchased the property to ensure its permanency as a community facility.

The Homestead began as a ‘Drop in Centre’ and many courses and activities were also offered. But over the years it evolved to suit the changing requirements, and changing demographics, of the community.

Since the 1990s a successful opportunity shop has operated, which as well as offering good quality, low cost goods to the community,  replaced the need for a ‘drop in centre'. People drop in to browse instead. Community groups hire the premises for their use at very reasonable rates


In 2011 due to the deterioration of the building, the Parish decided to demolish and rebuild another ‘Homestead’ with the same outside appearance on the same footprint.

This replica building was completed in December 2015 and is administered by the Church Parish Council.


We express appreciation to the community for their support of our Community House over the years.



The Point Chevalier Co-operating Parish was established in March 1979, when the Pt. Chevalier Associated Churches of Christ and St. Philips Presbyterian Church formed a partnership. 


The Presbyterian congregation of St Philip’s, Pt Chevalier dates from 1917, but did not become a fully sanctioned church until 1950. The Auckland West Church of Christ, Pt Chevalier, established in 1928, incorporates Church of Christ congregations formerly centred at Ponsonby and Mt Albert. There had been a good relationship between these Pt Chevalier churches for some years, and when the current St Philip’s minister retired in March 1977, the Church of Christ generously helped to supply the pulpit and give pastoral oversight. Over the next two years the congregations found increasing ways of working together, culminating in the Agreement to become a Co-operating Parish, with the Church of Christ minister appointed for the first 5 year term in February 1979.


Over succeeding years the worship services and congregational groups were merged, and all services were held in St Philip’s, with smaller meetings held in the adjacent Fellowship House, and larger functions held in the Homestead Auditorium


With this beginning from two different Church backgrounds, Pt. Church is accustomed to accepting people with different views about worship. However, over the years we have ceased to consider ourselves as either denomination but part of this body of Christ.


The new Homestead building was completed late in 2015.


The Sunday morning worship service is Christ centred, based on scripture and follows a traditional style with organ music. Holy Communion is celebrated each month. Also included in the service is a family news time where members offer thanks for blessings received and ask for prayers for those in need. On average 60 worshippers (45 adults and 15 children) would attend the 10.30am Sunday morning service.



The Parish council manages the affairs of the church on behalf of its congregation. This council meets on a monthly basis and items discussed include pastoral care services, financial matters and accounts, report from the Homestead operation, Girls Brigade and other church matters pertinent to the operation and direction of the church.




The church celebrates the Christian events of the year, sometimes with other churches in the Pt Chevalier area.


Social, gala and barbecue events are organised occasionally. The Church also supports a Girls Brigade Company. These events are considered to be important outreach into the community.

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